These individuals that share the same soul and kindness in delivering a message across the world. Whether we choose to express this through writing, art or music. All of which work ideally for those in need of finding their inner peace. Life is filled with many experiences which create and build our characters. Every individual fighting through their ownjourney of life, so how can we judge each other not knowing of our own past experiences?


Charlee Hustle
Advocate and Humanitarian 

Charlee Hustle AKA Charlotte Gumbi is a South African Motivational Speaker, Blogger, Radio Personality, MC & You Tuber. She is also the Founder of a Non Profit Human Rights Organization called ‘Humanity Must Rise’, which focuses mainly on Women &  Children’s Rights. She speaks at Schools, Youth Development Events, Radio Shows, Television Shows as well as Magazines & Newspapers all over the world. Her mission is to constantly motivate our youth, reminding them to be kind humans & to create awareness on Cyber Bullying & Body Shaming. She shares her story of how she survived sexual abuse multiple times as a little girl & her experience of Cyber Bullying in the form of Revenge Porn back in 2015.

She shares her stories with the world in hopes that it might touch & help other victims of Cyber Bullying &  Sexual & Physical Abuse find healing within their souls. “The world isn’t such a bad place, it just
needs a little healing.”  Charlee’s focus is mainly on children because we truly believe that the children are the future of this beautiful world. We need teach them love, we teach them to be better humans than us & to hopefully learn from our mistakes.

If you would like to help create awareness in your country by featuring an article about Charlee Hustle on your Magazine, Newspaper, Blog or any other platform, please email reach her below: Email:  [email protected] Blog: Instagram: charlee_hustle