I had offered this bit of advice to a friend one day who acted as if the world was ending (I assure you it was not)  “Life doesn’t have to be so complicated, it is how we choose as individuals to be receptive, embrace, learn or grow from our experiences. Happiness starts from within then our energy attracts those like minded individuals to us” Do you not believe this? The energy we ooze of attracts that similar energy back? Misery really does love company? It applies to all aspects of life from business to relationships to the moment you decide when you wake up. We should choose our company wisely as they are a mirror reflection of ourselves. YOU decide your tribe!




I am sure you were just as guilty at purchasing a copy of “The Secret” when it first came out however the only thing it validated for me was everything I already knew which was THERE WAS NO SECRET  for those handful of already driven individuals in this world. Like anything in life, it pretty much reinstated that we must maintain and keep a positive state of mind. The way we think or acted dictates to the universe what would or should come back to us. We all make our choices, you choose how you want to be in life, how dramatic you choose to be, the circles we associate with but do not forge – you make your final choice because “We create our OWN HAPPINESS” and SUCCESS in LIFE!




Am I a small fish trying to swim into an ocean of sharks? I’m often complimented on my success, my energy and where I have grown in life.  Thanks for your vote of confidence but when you really look at the grand scale of things, I haven’t made it quite just yet. “Yet” being the key word as my mind set tells me I will and I’m not worried about it. We all have dreams, some may laugh at us, some may tell us we think too big, some may think all we do is DREAM  but without our dreams, our aspirations and goals, what would motivate us every day to improve where we are in this  game we call LIFE? Truth is, it shouldn’t be done for anyone but YOU. To prove a point to yourself, life is about challenges. We strive and pride ourselves to appease others around us. We run around for approval and acceptance in LIFE but why? Why do we put our destiny or happiness in the hands of others? Why do we feel the need to be socially accepted or approved of to validate our worth – our self worth.  Don’t let others determine or validate your worth on this earth!



If you can’t believe in yourself, you can’t expect anyone else to believe in you too! It all starts from within YOU!


Without dreams or goals there is no strive in life. The only obstacle you have in achieving where you need to be is YOURSELF. Control your own destiny because you make the final decision!


Your mind is a powerful thing, sometimes being our own worst enemy. Ask yourself, do you want it bad enough? if so? what’s stopping you?