The biggest battle in life itself that many fail to see is the initial battle we have of fighting ourselves each and everyday. What do I mean?  I believe every human possesses an equal amount of “positive” and “negative” ENERGY within our soul, and it is up to us to determine which feelings guide us through our journey of life, and how we choose to control our decisions. It is human nature to have a bad day but it is also our choice how we continue to fuel our energies; empowering ourselves to live in a positive mindset

You choose your path in life…

We all grew up being asked, “Is the glass half-empty or half-full?” This is one way to determine whether we have a pessimistic or optimistic way of viewing things. This is a trick question, though; what many fail to see is that the glass is always refillable.  Even if you have lived your life in a negative way based off of poor choices or surroundings, we still have the power within us to reframe and manifest our thoughts into a positive perspective. Do you believe you can manifest all your thoughts into reality?  Your thoughts become your words, your words become your reality

Do you ever question who you choose to surround yourself with? Do you believe in QUALITY over QUANTITY?  You literally become the 5 closest people in your life. As a perceiving, feeling, breathing human you will naturally absorb the energy that is around YOU.

The difference is that a negative surrounding will never empower or challenge you to grow in life. How can you expect them to believe in you, when they do not even believe in themselves?  Humans are bound to have negative thoughts, but it is the ability to acknowledge, accept and re-interpret them into positive ones that will make or break you.

The negative energy quickly absorbs into us and, whether you realize it or not, that negative energy will determine your thoughts, attitude, choices and ultimately your passion. As much as you may pretend otherwise, the universe knows and works in magical ways to show you it will manifest your thoughts.

Your VIBE attracts your TRIBE…

I believe the energy we exert into the universe attracts that of the same nature. The law of attraction is a powerful thing. The power of thought alone – subconscious or otherwise – can manifest either positive or negative vibes into our life. Natural magnetic attraction of people with the same energy binds each other, either empowering mutual growth or fueling the fire of negativity. Think of the timeless expression: “MISERY loves COMPANY.

As we age, the direction of our life and what we want out of life tends to change; such as our goals, our dreams, or sometimes even our foundation and view of life itself.  Similar to our relationships and surroundings, we must learn to rid our lives of anyone or anything that does not stay on the same path within our journey… especially those reeking of toxic energy.  Why would you want to take 3 steps back? How can something divergent from your values, goals and principals bring you forward?

​Who am I to tell you who you can or should surround yourself with? The choice ultimately falls within yourself.  I will say one thing from experience, however: there are not enough hours in a day to achieve the sort of growth we all desire, and even fewer to spare with people who do not care about their own growth in life.

We all have GOALS, we all have DREAMS. I never stop BELIEVING and I know as strong as I am, I still need my closest people, pets and places to pick me up when I am having an off day.

The choice is always yours and always will be, so choose wisely as your TRIBE alone can determine where you will end up in life. If you love yourself truly and believe in all that you can attain in this lifetime, then you will know without a hesitation or doubt who deserves a leading role in your journey through life.

How do you keep yourself at peace or disrupted from interruptions?  Speak to me.